ZELTECH - ME Spolka z o.o. (Ltd) is part of  ZELTECH S.A. (joint stock company). Since 1946, when our company was established, we have been dealing with repair of electric machines, submersible pumps and this is one of the most important spheres of our activity. For many years we have also been winding new laminated core assemblies of stators for many European companies. Another business area in which we specialize is repair and manufacture of commutators and slip-rings.
Adres:ZELTECH–ME Spółka z o.o.ul. Elektronowa 694–103 LodzPOLANDCentrala:tel. +48 42 686-62-30tel. +48 42 680-99-34fax. +48 42 299-69-19fax. +48 42 689-95-39e-mail: zme@zeltechme.plDane GPS:
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